The Tweed Family of Cheveley
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Sarah TWEED's other family: with James HALL (1820?- )

Family of Charles ORRIDGE and Sarah TWEED

Husband: Charles ORRIDGE (1819-1865)
Wife: Sarah TWEED (1821- )
Children: William F ORRIDGE (1844- )
Arthur J ORRIDGE (1846- )
Thomas E ORRIDGE (1854- )
Harry C ORRIDGE (1860- )
Eliza ORRIDGE (1861- )

Husband: Charles ORRIDGE

Name: Charles ORRIDGE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1819 Risby, Suffolk, England
Death 1865 (age 45-46)

Wife: Sarah TWEED

Name: Sarah TWEED
Sex: Female
Father: William TWEED (1797-1883)
Mother: Harriet EVERED (aft1796-bef1861)
Birth 1821 Ousden, Suffolk, England

Child 1: William F ORRIDGE

Name: William F ORRIDGE
Sex: Male
Birth 1844 Risby, Suffolk, England

Child 2: Arthur J ORRIDGE

Name: Arthur J ORRIDGE
Sex: Male
Birth 1846 Risby, Suffolk, England

Child 3: Thomas E ORRIDGE

Name: Thomas E ORRIDGE
Sex: Male
Birth 1854 Risby, Suffolk, England

Child 4: Harry C ORRIDGE

Name: Harry C ORRIDGE
Sex: Male
Birth 1860 Risby, Suffolk, England

Child 5: Eliza ORRIDGE

Name: Eliza ORRIDGE
Sex: Female
Birth 1861 Risby, Suffolk, England