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Family of Mary HAYS

Husband: (unknown)
Wife: Mary HAYS (bef1747- )
Children: Patty HAYES (bef1769- )
John HAYES (bef1770-1848)

Wife: Mary HAYS

Name: Mary HAYS 1
Sex: Female
Father: George HAYES (bef1703- )
Mother: Sarah FISHER (1713?- )
Birth bef 31 May 1747 Campton, Bedfordshire, England 1
Baptism 31 May 1747 (age 0) Campton parish church, Bedfordshire 1

Child 1: Patty HAYES

Name: Patty HAYES 1
Sex: Female
Birth bef 4 May 1769 Campton, Bedfordshire, England 1
Baptism 4 May 1769 (age 0) Campton parish church, Bedfordshire 1

Additional Information

Baptism Patty baseborn dau of Mary Hayes.

Child 2: John HAYES

Name: John HAYES 1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eleanor SAVAGE (1782?- )
Birth bef 15 Jul 1770 Southill, Bedfordshire, England 2
Baptism 15 Jul 1770 (age 0) Southill parish church, Bedfordshire 3
Death Dec 1848 (age 78) Campton, Bedfordshire, England
Burial 13 Dec 1848 (age 78) Campton cum Shefford, Bedfordshire


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