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Jonathan TWEED's other family: with Anne MRS REEVE (aft1778-1860)

Family of Jonathan TWEED and Eleanor CHALLICE

Husband: Jonathan TWEED (bef1783-1855)
Wife: Eleanor CHALLICE (1786?-1810)
Children: Phoebe TWEED (bef1808-1809)
Marriage 20 Jul 1807 Cheveley parish church, Cambridgeshire 1,2

Husband: Jonathan TWEED

Name: Jonathan TWEED 1
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas TWEED (bef1760-1841)
Mother: Mary PRICE (bef1764-1837)
Birth bef 23 Mar 1783 Cheveley, Cambridgeshire, England 3
Baptism 23 Mar 1783 (age 0) Cheveley parish church, Cambridgeshire 1,3
Death Mar 1855 (age 71) Cheveley, Cambridgeshire, England 4
Burial 27 Mar 1855 (age 71 (!)) Cheveley parish church, Cambridgeshire 4
Occupation agricultural labourer 1,5

Additional Information

Occupation In 1851 he was described as Pauper (ag lab)

Wife: Eleanor CHALLICE

Name: Eleanor CHALLICE 1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1786 (est) [Cambridgeshire],, England
Death Nov 1810 (age 23-24) Cheveley, Cambridgeshire, England 6,7
Burial 24 Nov 1810 (age 23-24) Cheveley Parish Church, Cambridgeshire 6,7

Child 1: Phoebe TWEED

Name: Phoebe TWEED 1,8
Sex: Female
Birth bef 10 Jun 1808 Cheveley, Cambridgeshire, England 8
Baptism 10 Jun 1808 (age 0) Cheveley parish church, Cambridgeshire 1,8
Death Jul 1809 (age 1) Cheveley, Cambridgeshire, England 7,9
Burial 3 Jul 1809 (age 1) Cheveley parish church, Cambridgeshire 7

Additional Information

Death A younger half sister, also called Phoebe was baptised in 1811.


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