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Thomas TWEED's other families: with Mary ELSDEN (1684?-1706) and Rose MRS TWEED (1685?-1707)

Family of Thomas TWEED and Elizabeth BUTCHER

Husband: Thomas TWEED (1683?-1737)
Wife: Elizabeth BUTCHER (1687?-1745)
Marriage 31 May 1708 Cheveley parish church, Cambridgeshire 1

Additional Information

Marriage Thomas was described as a widower.

Husband: Thomas TWEED

Name: Thomas TWEED 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas TWEED (1660?-1726)
Mother: Elizabeth DEERE (bef1655-1713)
Birth 1683 (app) [Cambridgeshire],, England
Death [J] Jan 1737 3
Burial [J] 28 Jan 1737 Cheveley parish church, Cambridgeshire 3

Additional Information

Death It is possible that he died earlier in 1728 and that this is the entry for Thomas senior.

Wife: Elizabeth BUTCHER

Name: Elizabeth BUTCHER 1,2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1687 (est) [Cambridgeshire],, England
Death Mar 1745 (age 57-58) Cheveley, Cambridgeshire, England 4
Burial 28 Mar 1745 (age 57-58) Cheveley parish church, Cambridgeshire 4

Additional Information

Burial She was described in the register as an ancient widow.

Note on Husband: Thomas TWEED

Could Thomas be an older son of Thomas and Elizabeth Tweed parents of John (bp 1688)? There appears to be no other Tweed family in Cheveley at this time. It may be that he was baptised in Bury St E if the marriage found for Thomas and Elizabeth is the correct one.


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